Our Services

We specialize in helping clients build a plan with a big picture perspective. The planning process is designed entirely around our clients’ financial circumstances, their near- and long-term goals, and their comfort with investment risk. As a result of this in-depth process, we recommend the appropriate mix of managed investments paying special attention to the suitable allocation of invested assets. We then work with clients to help ensure that these investments align with all their other financial considerations.

Strategic Retirement is Swanson & Boley’s proprietary, customized retirement planning program designed to identify and maximize your financial opportunities—helping to manage and extend the life of your retirement savings. From monthly cash flow to long-term investing, we develop a plan that’s tailored to each client’s needs and desired risk level. We continue to actively plan once you stop working so you can shift from living off your paycheck to living off your investments.

Our professional experience combines with the skills of other D.A. Davidson professionals in insurance and estate, financial and retirement planning to assist in developing a plan that is truly comprehensive, a wealth management plan designed to meet your long-term financial goals.